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Insulated glass production

Hand gunning lines, construction and service

As a construction company, HDT offers hand gunning lines for the processing of polysulphide, polyurethane and silicone. Our product range includes pneumatic lines for small to medium size companies, as well as our hydraulic line which takes a special position in the market, due to its out-put capacity and equipment.

The line offers a level of equipment which has been developed together with our customers to guarantee easy use and maintenance as well as robustness.
Of course all HDT-lines comply with the CE-standard.

Besides the construction of new machines, HDT also offers the upgrading and maintenance of older machines. Furthermore we can supply freezer with a temperature range of up to -45 °C, as well as the HD Quick-Clean, a handy yet comprehensive purging system for complete mixing units. Another area of HDT is the supply of spare parts and incidentals. Here our product range includes simple screw fittings and tubes as well as sealing guns and different mixing systems, partly constructed to customers specifications.

We take you seriously
Your decision to buy new machines will be made from an economical point of view,
which means in the first place that you need a machine made especially for your.
HDT plans and constructs those machines for you – even to your specifications.

Modern production techniques ensure precise manufacturing and optimal functioning
of HDT lines. Furthermore substantial tests with the materials you use, insure that only machines which meet your high quality standards will be delivered.