ombran MHP-SP 3000 with DySC®-Technologie

Mineral Manhole Coating at the Highest Level of Performance

Resistance to mechanical, biological and, above all, chemical attacks is the key to the lasting success of a coating. ombran MHP-SP 3000 has been especially developed for application with the MRT method.

A focused selection of the ingredients, such as highly sulphate-resistant special cements, is a prerequisite for use of cement-bound mortar systems in sewage systems. A major factor for the chemical resistance of cement-bound systems is a minimised porosity and optimised pore size distribution in the mortar matrix.




In addition to a minimised w/c-ratio, the patented DySC® technology (Dynamic SynCrystallisation) ensures for mortars of the ombran MHP series that the mortar matrix is continuously compacted and solidified beyond the normal hydration process. As a result, water and thus pollutant-carrying pores are reduced to a minimum and therefore a lasting high protection of the wastewater structures is achieved. This is also contributed by the thick-layer coating (generally ≥10 mm) with the fiber-reinforced mortar, which is enabled by an optimally tuned grading curve.

The new generation of coating

In addition to the proven ombran MHP-SP approved by German building supervision authority, the newly developed ombran MHP-SP 3000 is characterised by an optimised chemical resistance. The basis consists of CEM III-high performance cements, which enable the highest possible exposure class XWW4 acc. to German DIN 19573 to be reached.

ombran MHP-SP 3000

  • Structurally relevant (R4 / B2)
  • Increased chemical resistance (XWW4 / XA3)
  • Extremely abrasion resistant
  • Sulphate and carbonation resistant
  • Resistant to extreme temperature loads (e.g. frost-deicing salt exposure)
  • Minimised water penetration depth
  • Very good adhesion to the substrate
  • High stability even with high layer thicknesses
  • Early resistance to water impact
  • Newly developed “identifier” technology for comprehensible product quality


ombran CPS based on Hybrid-Silicate Technology

Safe Protection for Highly Stressed Sewage Structures

Whether in industrial or in public sector: waste water structures must withstand the highest stresses! Cement-bound building materials often reach the limit of their performance getting into contact with acidic media. In case of pH values below 3.5 or at highly varying pH values, components are particularly damaged

The hybrid-silicate technology of ombran protects your wastewater structures against such aggressive attacks. It provides a high chemical resistance in acidic and basic pH ranges. A trimerisation reaction creates a dense matrix which is impermeable to pollutants




Water vapour diffusion

Concrete and masonry components of sewage manholes have direct contact to the surrounding soil. Therefore back-bearing moisture penetration may occur. Water vapour-tight systems, e.g. most epoxy resins, prevent the natural water vapour transport passing through the construction. Thus, osmotic and capillary pressures can be built up between coating and substrate.

Blistering and detachment of the coating from the substrate are the results! ombran coating systems based on hybrid-silicate technology are highly water vapour diffusible and eliminate the risk of osmotic damages.

Safe protection against BSAC without osmotic damages
ombran CPS closes capillary and compaction pores of mineral substrates without taking negative influence on the water vapour diffusivity of the construction part. 

ombran CPS 

  • Highly chemical resistant, also against biogenic sulphuric acid
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Water vapour diffusible
  • Closing of capillary pores
  • Simple and fast processing in hand and spray application, under certain boundary conditions also spinning application with MRT possible
  • Easy to repair
  • Also available as conductive coating (ombran FT)