Automated Renovation of Manhole Constructions

The renovation of manhole constructions presents a particular challenge. Although most manholes with an inner diameter of 1,000 mm are accessible, the substrate preparation and subsequent coating are often only insufficiently executed due to the depth or confined space conditions.

The unique MRT (Manhole Rehabilitation Technology) process from HDT and MC provides an automated solution, 
by which the quality of the renovation results is extremely increased, each work step is accelerated clearly and the safety at work is significantly improved.

Automated substrate preparation

The substrate preparation is executed automatically, in 
a high quality and reproducible way with high pressure water grit blasting or high pressure water jetting.

Automated coating

The coating of the inner manhole walls is carried out by the so called spinning application procedure. Coating materials are applied uniformly and optimally compacted to the manhole wall by a rotating head using centrifugal force.

Areas of application

  • Inner manhole diameters from approx. 600 to 2,000 mm (opening at least 510 mm)
  • Manhole depth up to 20 m (basic design 12 m)
  • Circular or rectangular manholes
  • Concrete or masonry
  • Use of individual components or as complete system