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Froster HD F 32/45Froster HD F 32/45

HD F 32 / F 45

The HDT Freezer is equipped with very large cooling and heating tanks, particularly suitable for the fast freezing and thawing of the mixing units with mixed material. The reactivity of the materials is stopped in the cooling tank and subsequently it is reactivated in the heating tank.
This enables you to interrupt production at any time.
• HD F 32 for PU and PS
• HD F 45 for Silicon

Technical Data

Contents: refrigeration and heating tank 55 Litre each

230 Volt / 2,2KW


refrig. tank -45 °C or -32 °C, heating tank +40 °C

Measurements 71 x 72 x 125 cm
Weight 160 kg
Construction mobile

No material loss
Production without solvents
No disposal problems
Positive contribution to the protection of the environment

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