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HD 200 Green Line

Hydraulic and reliable proven technology

Here it is the newest hydraulic machine from HDT GmbH, called HD 200 GL.
The 2 component hydraulic machine saves energy through the new „Start – Stop“ function.
The HD 200 GL automatically switches off when not in use.

Even in the basic version the advantages to the customer, such as safety processes and economical useage are available.

Technical Data

Output max. 2,5 kg / PU
Electric Connection

400V / 16A / CEE

Pneumatic Connection

4 – 8 bar 3/8"

)L x W x H )
1350 x 800 x 2400 mm
Weight ca. 650 kg
Construction fixed
Output Control fixed

Standard Features
• Hydraulic aggregate with 2,2 KW
• Maintenance free material pumps
• Automatic “Start - Stop” function
• Variable mixing ratio
• Automatic switch off at excess pressure or lack of material
• 2 hand safety operation
• 2 metre boom arm
• 2,5 metre hand held hoses

available for PS, PU or silicone

Download Technical Datasheet