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MRT Control Unit

For automated control of MRT Spinning and Blasting Unit

The MRT Control Unit provides the opportunity, as control module for the preparation
of sewer wall surfaces and coatings, for automised control of both processes.

Operation during substrate preparation and coating is carried out outside the manhole.
Easy handling and rapid operation on site characterises the system. The casing and the
control elements are robust and designed for practical operation.

By means of the remote control the entire process is automatically controlled by an
integrated measurement system. The user has full control functions. The time saving
compared to hand application is up to 80%

Technical Data

Supply data electric 400 V 16 A
Dimensions controller
(L x B x H )

26 cm x 55 cm x 70 cm

Dimensions remote control
(L x W x H)

33 cm x 8 cm x 13 cm

Weight Control Unit 33 kg plus remote
Weight Chain hoist with
12 m Chain
45 kg

The MRT Control Unit consists of the following parts
• Switch cabinet
• Remote control
• Measurement System
• Chain hoist 250 kg (Abus) include 12 m chain

• Chain length up to 25 m

Technical Description

Hand operation

• Manual chain Hoist control via remote control (fast mode)
• Manual measuring of manhole depth with display readout
• Flexible selection of coating cycles with display readout
• Optical directional advice of stroke direction in the display
• Left and right handed rotation of the sling header
• Adjustable rotation speed (only Spinning Unit)
• Adjustable pneumatic centrilizer (Biasting Unit)
• Start rotation (Biasting Unit)

Automatic operation
• Autonomous moving of Spinning or Blasting Unit until individual specifications
are achieved. (coverage, demolition ratio)
• Correction of coating cycle possible even during operation
• Manual change of rotation direction to avoid spinning shadows (Spinning

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