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HD Pro 6 - Sicher, kraftvoll und ergonomischHD Pro 6 - Sicher, kraftvoll und ergonomisch

HD Pro-6 Easy

Save, Powerful and Ergonomic

The HDT Pro-6 Easy is the front-runner of the hydraulic HDT Hand Gunning Machines.
Some of the eye-catching features are the new hexagon base plate which improves the stability and the moveable control panel. The pneumatically supported boom arm enables effective integration into the work process and optimum adoption to local conditions.

Technical Data

Output Approx. 5500 g/min (PU)

3 x 400V/N/PE 50Hz Fuse 16A, CEE Connection 16A


4 – 8 bar 3/8"

Measurements Ø 1.240 x 2.400 mm
Weight ca. 750 kg
Construction mobile
Output control Completely variable

Standard Features
Accuracy of new pump generation with long stroke results in highest maximum ratio
Control Panel always visible
Mobile Frame
Variable mixing ratio
Roller for ease of barrel change
One hand mixing ratio control
Two hand safety operation
Heated follower plate (Base)
Potlife control
“Barrel empty” control
Boom arm 2500 mm long with pneumatic support
Automatic switch off at excess pressure or lack of material
Follower plate designed for minimal rest quantity in barrel
Complete mixing system

Purge Pump for solvent cleaning
Freezer unit up to -45 °C
Boom arm with customised length
Boom arm heating system
200 litre hardener unit
Special colour
Feed Pipes with customised length

Download Technical Datasheet